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As some figures and statistics show, the world religions are declining in number as more and more people stop believing in God.There is, in short, no such thing as a neutral public square.Kraynak, Robert, Christian Faith and Modern Democracy (University of Notre Dame Press, 2001.

For example, Nigeria has Islam, Christianity and other Traditional religions-- but not as much as the first two- as the official religions of the nation.

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One might believe and argue publicly that this is the best way forward for modern democracies.There may be religious sacrifices as in the widow burning in Hinduism or stoning in Islam, it however, does not claim as many lives as suicide in the Western secular states.Competitive Exams Essay: Secularism is simply verbal replacement of the word tolerance.

Third, we must recognize that we are all trying to shape culture by means of our values and beliefs, and so we need to stop picking on members of various religious worldviews, as if they are the only ones doing this.For example, the Crusades that were undertaken three times by different countries that threw all of their money into them by heavily taxing their people to finance wars which were lost in the end.These points are all true, but are only part of the story, and no longer the most important part.However, these rights later left the hands of the churches and transferred to the feudal lords who still took advices from their assigned priests.At the theoretical level, we would consider this matter as part of our analysis and justification of the theory of the democratic, pluralist state.This view would also hold that the universe is a random occurrence, as is the existence of life on earth, including human beings.In such a variety, the dominance of one particular thought is not possible.Human sacrifice brought about rainfall, good harvest and abundant wealth.

However, this position faces a major problem: while one is perfectly free to hold this position oneself, and to argue for it publicly, and even to argue that other (religious) worldviews are irrational, or that the secularist view is superior or whatever, one must recognize that in a free society many will argue just the opposite.

Secularism in India refers to the equal status and treatment of all religions.Tags: facebook marketing, facebook marketing advertising niche strategies, facebook mastermind strategies, How To Tap Into Penny Click Profits, Penny Click Profits, what is penny clicks.I agree that when one presents arguments in the public square, especially arguments that would shape society and culture, one needs to give rational arguments.For example, if a state makes stem cell research on human embryos, or human cloning, legal, then those who think these practices are immoral and should be illegal lose out, and the values of those who support these practices become culturally dominant.Hence, the amalgamation of these two views still proves to be futile.The leaders of these countries had been there since kingdom come but are not ready to lose that power they hold so in their grip.Therefore, it is wary of going back for seconds after breaking away and forming other views that do not conform to the Catholic Church.

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Having lived in a non-secular society where religion governs our day to day lives.Although there is crisis in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates enjoy a peaceful social and economical life which orderly and chaos-free.To be more specific, why should we give preference to secularist views of morality when deciding questions concerning abortion or stem cell research over various religious views (and let us note, as others have pointed out on e-IR and elsewhere, that there are various types of secularism, just as there are various types of religion, but this does not affect my general point).This involves thinking about how procedurally such a state can be established and can function as a stable political entity if it is trying to accommodate and facilitate many different approaches to and understandings of the nature of reality, the human person, and issues concerning moral values, and the meaning of life.For example, King Richard the Lion Heart of England was a strong catholic and a leader of the crusades therefore, had a good standing with the church while his brother John also known as John Lackland who became king after him did not.Thus, it can be seen that sufferings of people of the poor at the hands of the church led to many Europeans acceptance of atheism.This influenced so many people not to vote him fairly based on a judgment of his character.Secularism, in very general outline, may be understood as the view that all of reality is physical in nature, consisting of some configuration of matter and energy.

Its vastness, abundance, richness and variety have led to the growth of many thoughts and habits.

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A secular state means that the government shall not formulate policies which discriminate between various religious communities that live in its different parts.There is less tolerance of other religions and their practice as can be seen in places like Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E, Yemen and Israel to a great extent towards Muslims.The characteristics of these people can be witnessed from other historical figures like Napoleon I of France, John I of England, Charles V Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Philip II of Spain and others.

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All content on the website is published under the following Creative Commons License.I would accept that in a democratic society we should try to be as reasonable as we can, should especially try to give reasons that would persuade others, so I would agree that one should not appeal to religious texts, or authorities, or to private experiences, in public arguments, as long as secularist-type arguments that are based on similar sources are also restricted in the same way.The concept and its application grew stronger with the French revolution carrying until today.

Europe was widely Roman Catholic Christians due to the Roman conquerors of the Dark and Middle Ages.Extending the idea further, it grants equality to all religious groups.Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers.

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But most of all European history, especially the Enlightenment age has left its mark on history by advocating atheism.Gujarat riots of 2002 is another instance where the Secularism of India is questioned.We need to focus on what secularists believe (and on what they desire politically) rather than on what they do not believe.These rules have been sometimes to the advantage of society and at other times to its detriment.

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