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Monetary base refers to the supply of funds available for use either as cash or reserves of the central bank.For example, if the price of meat increase the price of milk will too.


Fixed Costs: -Food (prices in the menu)-Taxes-Rent-Machinery Variable Costs: -Labor (wages)-Utilities -Materials for production 5 Determinants of Demand.This revision presentation introduces and explores the core concept of supply.

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Various factors influencing the money supply are discussed below: 1.

Changes in supply or shifts in supply occur when one of the determinants of supply other than price changes.Report abuse Transcript of Supply Determinants Number of Sellers The number of sellers willing and able to sell a good affects the overall supply.

Determinants Of The Price Elasticity Of Supply Economics Essay.Although not a determinant of individual firm supply, the number of sellers in a market is clearly an important factor in calculating market supply.As soon as a substitute, such as a new Android phone, appears at a lower price, Apple comes out with a better product.Elastic Demand: When the Amount Bought Is Very Sensitive to Price.

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How Supply and Demand Determine Commodities Market Prices Learning Center.

This video describes the different determinants of supply- price, input prices, technology, expectations and number of sellers.

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In this case, the supply curve shifts to the right or to the left respectively.A persuasive, attractive, romantic, generous, funny and perfectionist guy.Government regulations: Increases in government regulations usually makes it more expensive to produce goods and services, which decreases aggregate supply.

For example, when more firms enter an industry, the number of sellers increases thus increasing the supply.For example, when more firms enter an industry, the number of sellers increases thus increasing the supply.

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Definition: Determinants of supply are factors that may cause changes in or affect the supply of a product in the market place.An increase in the size of m will increase the money supply and vice versa. 3. Reserve Ratio: Reserve ratio (r) is also an important determinant of money supply.If supply exceeds demand, some sellers might shout out that they will sell more cheaply than the rest, and that drives the price down. (MORE).

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The range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status are known as determinants of health.

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During holiday periods, the currency ratio (c) will tend to rise, thus, reducing the money multiplier and, thereby, the money supply. (MORE).

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Conversely, during prosperity, c and r ratios tend to be low when confidence in banks is high. 6. Time-Deposit Ratio: Time-deposit ratio (t), which represents the ratio of time deposits to the demand deposits is a behavioural parameter having negative effect on the money multiplier (m) and thus on the money supply.

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Input prices: The price of inputs has a negative effect on the supply curve, if the price of inputs goes up, supply will decrease (shift left).

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The buyers determine the demand, without colluding, and the sellers determine the supply.In which Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford teach you about one of the fundamental economic ideas, supply and demand.The smaller cash-reserve ratio enables greater expansion in the credit by the banks and thus increases the money supply and vice versa.

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