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Few decades ago, women were considered inferior to men in their achievements.Seems like forever, since the scientists have started to explore the reasons why some people are born with a good temper, and some of them are.One of the most debated example of nature verses nurture is the criminal element, why to criminals commit their crimes, is it because of their DNA and genetics, or is it because of their upbringing.The gist of the nature versus nurture debate is whether or not behavior is influenced more by environmental.Armstrong, T. (1999). 7 (Seven) Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences.This was a very important base for future psychologists who came up with theories.In classes as well as industries, we have seen people improve in class and also people improve in the way they relate with others.

The debate centers on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance and.According to Spearman, intelligence is natural in that you either have the g-factor or not (Anderson, 1999).Research has been conducted regarding this debate which has resulted in a conclusion that both genes and environment do play a role in the criminality of an individual.Puddn head wilson analyze nature and is a postgenomic synthesis of leaders born gay.Charles Spearman was a British psychologist who lived from 1863 to 1945.

The theory of multiple intelligences propose eight intelligences each of which are distinct and are based on the abilities as well as the skills which are valued with the different cultures of the world (Novartis Foundation, 2001).This evidence has been generated from a number of twin, family, and adoption studies as well as laboratory experiments.This suggests that nature rather then nurture is the predominant influence on how a child develops.

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In fact, the more we understand about development and behavior, the more obvious it becomes that nature and nurture are similarly influences rather than determinants, not only singly but also in combination.They are aware of their body movement and they like touching, movement and making things.Twins (monozygotes) are of extraordinary importance when studying heredity because they share identical copies of genes.Quite a big chunk is developed by the person and this is dependent on the success levels the individual would want to reach.

For example, if a person shows interpersonal intelligence then the best tool to teach such a person is the use of group activities.He finally reorganized his theory to include the g factor as well as the seven primary abilities.Genetic markers for schizophrenia are founded on chromosomes 22, 6, 13, 8 and 9, (De Angelis, Tori.Keeping the previous paragraph in mind, it means that intelligence can also be nurtured as long as the individual is willing.These three in combination are given the name processing skills.It is therefore difficult to conclude as to whether intelligence is inborn or nurtured once a human being gets to earth.Thurstone is also responsible for the development of a statistical technique referred to as the multiple-factor analysis.

After a person has realized their natural intelligence, then they can nurture it.The grasp things easily when taught through the use of drawings, physical imagery as well as verbal lessons therefore the learning tools here include video, multimedia, models, television, graphics, photographs, 3-d modeling (Epstein, 1998).There are many theories that have been in existence as from the early 1900s in their attempt to define intelligence or to look at what really constitutes intelligence.

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If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.Furthermore, the research has stated that it is more often an interaction between genes and the environment that predicts criminal behavior.Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.This was a shift in thought that one can be born as intelligent or not but as a child grows, they begin to learn and nurture intelligence so according to him, he does acknowledge that one is either born with it or not but as the person grows, he or she, will develop some primary features which will now determine whether the person is intelligent or not.Nature vs nurture essays To raise a child is a difficult job.The purpose of this paper is to expose the differences and similarities between nature vs. nurture. Nature Nurture in Psychology.These are the people with wisdom, motivation, intuition as well as opinions, confidence and strong will.Gardner, 1993 asserted that human intelligence needs to entail a comprehensive set of skill both leanrt and acquired that aid him in solving a myriad of problems.

The second camp sitting on the other side of the fence is the advocates for nurture.

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In the following essay, Nurture Beats Nature, we explore three in-depth cases of individuals whose lives had taken an unfortunate turn, but provided.Practical intelligence has been seen to be needed when a human being is to adapt to an environment in the best possible way while analytic intelligence referred to the processes that go in the mind so as to express intelligence.Humans tend to remember things by associating the thing to another that they know very well.

The tools used include the telephone, video conferencing, E-mail as well as computer conferencing and writing.Those who had bad scores in the cognitive tests also had bad scores on the other tests that were administered.Nurture As far as how an individual personality is biologically determined, no one really knows just in what manner it is accumulated.Their studies emphasized the role of instinct, fixed pattern of behaviour, and the influence of evolution on behaviour.Thurstone (1887-1955) came up with a different theory on intelligence whose main focus was the primary mental abilities.This group of individuals understands and always reacts with others in their environment.According to Sternberg in the Theory of Successful Intelligence, he does agree that a part of the intelligence in a human being is general, meaning natural or inborn.They can be taught using hands on techniques and the tools to be used here are real objects to be used in real life (Cianciolo and Sternberg, 2004).Take for instance schizophrenia, a disease characterized by (hallucinations, delusions, flat or inappropriate emotional expression, paranoia and suspiciousness).

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