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Because police carry weapons, it follows that the force they use may have lethal consequences.Police BrutalityPolice brutality is one of the most serious, enduring, and divisive human rights violations in the United States.

In many countries there are laws which are protecting against police brutality.Their duty is to serve and protect us from harm, but often times this may not be the case.

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Parts of these cities are high for violent crimes, which could be a.With regard to police abuse, there will be many officers who feel that their job offighting escalating street crime, gangs, narcotics violations, and otherviolent crimes is difficult enough already, and that worrying about excessivepolicy for abusive behavior will only further decrease their ability tofight crime effectively, efficiently, and safely.

This in turn evolved into crime dramas that focused solely on these other elements that were previously unseen.As this happens more and more often, people begin to see this as a problem that is needed to be dealt with quickly.This is the intentional use of excessive force by an authority figure, which oftentimes ends with bloodshed, bruises, broken bones, and sometimes even death.An unmarked police car rolled up and our conversation stopped as we turned our attention to him.

With so much going on in the media, the public is more terrified of the police.Police corruption is basically the abuse of police authority for personal or organizational gains.Analyzing an Argument This argument is directed to two different types of people: the police and the public.Police Brutality is the problem that exists for numerous years, and in the United States it is known to be one of the major issues.

While citizens worry about protecting themselves from criminals, it has now been shown that they must also keep a watchful eye on those who have been given the responsibility to protect and serve.Sometimes police put in situations that excessive force is needed.Police Brutality and the African-American Community. 4 Pages 888 Words November 2014.

Which as a following result has brought up a lot of tension between.Scenario: You are a member of a recently formed committee to deal with numerous complaints against police and correction officers in your town and are asked to.It is only when stress reaches unimaginable levels that it hinders your progress and makes you feel frustrated and sad.

Some of the beatings occur when the citizen is in handcuffs and not able to do anything to protect himself, some have called it alley court.There are many other cases that were actually targeted mainly on blacks and this causes unfair justice.This is what makes it hard to prosecute a supposed officer of police.Check out our top Free Essays on Police Brutality to help you write your own Essay.View and download complete sample Police Brutality essays, instructions, works cited pages, and more.

This is report about Police Brutality -Police BrutalityWork CitedBrancato, Gilda and Elliot E.These things include money laundering, drug trafficking, or looking the other way on violations of the law.Police brutality can be either physical or psychological attack, which affects the victim.

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Excessive force is explained to be any behavior or force beyond what is reasonably necessary in order to control a situation.Police brutality has become an ongoing topic amongst American citizens for quite some time now.Police brutality has had a long history in the U.S. In the early days of policing, acts of mass brutality were usually attributed to the poor labor workers.

Allen versus the city of Oakland was one of the largest lawsuits filed and won against the Oakland Police Department for police misconduct.Americans are made to believe that these officers will serve and protect us, when in all reality police are more interested in enforcing the law and making.

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It could also be that many cops who work in city police departments grew up in.It is an atrocity that is jeopardizing the civil rights of us American.

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