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The first Industrial Revolution brought steam-powered machines and factories, but the second Industrial Revolution introduced new technology for mass production.

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The industrial revolution was a time of scientific breakthroughs and industrialization. sanatation was horable in the factories.Investigate the wide range of diseases encompassed by what was called famine fever.

For my school project I need to create a newspaper with all different articles about the Industrial Revolution.This is not your average slide show for it contains magnificent descriptions of each of the places discussed.The Irish Potato Famine, 1847 The potato is credited with doubling the population of Ireland from 1780 to 1945.

The Victorian era saw a huge growth in the population of the United Kingdom.He describes the feeble infants born to teenage women forced to work through pregnancy and the effects of the fibrous dust on lungs.In the years following his invention, manufacturers began duplicating the flying shuttle and Kay never received any of the royalties.It is quite possible the dinosaurs felt the planet was created for them.Europe is going through a tremendous growth and change and you.You can see for yourself if these points were proven by reading the documents about textile workers, miners, and seamstresses.It places the British industrial. on the industrial revolution.Victorians The Victorian era is known as a time when Great Britain was extremely powerful and dominated the industrial world and this collection of resources allows you to comprehend what life was like in Great Britain during this time period.

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Explore how the Industrial Revolution brought urbanization, higher standards of living, increased trade, exploitation of workers, and unemployment.The Industrial Revolution was a different type of revolution.He believed that capitalism was used as an excuse to exploit the poor.Rural women earned supplemental income doing outwork in the early 19th century.Read about the man who designed better steam engines with more power.

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People moved to cities to find jobs, worked in factories, and began to buy consumer goods.

Hop aboard a train at the Kids Discover web site to learn about this fascinating form of transportation.As explained on this web site, the industrial revolution occurred at different times in different countries.The Rocket was a steam locomotive built in 1822 by a man named George Stephenson.The industrial revolution is gone and the exporting of manufacturing jobs has taken its place.

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There has been a definite change in the industrial character of the City of Big Shoulders.

The Industrial Revolution completely changed the world. A Beginner's Guide to the Industrial Revolution Share Pin Email The Iron...An increase in carbon dioxide of 300 parts per million increases crop yields by one-third.You will find a wide variety of information on the people, events, and many changes that shaped history.During the Irish Potato Famine, about 1 million people left Ireland in order to avoid starvation.Write an article that describes the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution.

NEWS Coal Is King Again By Charles Sheehan, Tim Jones and Robert Manor, Tribune staff reporters.

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Francis Egerton built the Bridgewater Canal from his coal mines to Manchester, and greatly increased his profits.

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